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Coral Dental Center

You are enjoying a hamburger when suddenly you feel a strong pain, you bit your cheek for the fourth time this week, and remember that you recently bit your tongue, causing an injury to it that prevented you from doing that job presentation as you did I would like.

This could stop happening to you thanks to orthodontics, which is the procedure in which the teeth are aligned through the brackets, which facilitates the cleaning of your teeth and reduces the risks of periodontal disease, the accumulation of bacterial plaque (which weakens and bleach your teeth) and prevent tooth decay.

Remembering our example of the hamburger, in a bite of aligned teeth the upper teeth prevent you from accidentally biting your cheeks and lips, while the lower teeth protect your tongue.


To be a Dental Clinic formed by a group of specialists that provides reliable dental care through a humane, delicate, ethical and professional treatment. That seeks to satisfy their patients by returning the health, function and oral aesthetics in each of their treatments.

To be a chain of Dental Clinics in the Southeast of the country recognized for the quality of its treatments, offering a reliable and professional service. Formed by a team of people with human quality committed to the welfare of patients. Also consolidate in the field of Dental Tourism.




Benefits as a Patient

All porcelain, zirconium or acrylic prosthesis. If these restorations fracture with normal use during a period of two (2) full years from the date of their initial placement, we will replace or repair these at no additional charge.

All gold or metal prosthesis. If our gold or all metal restorations fracture with normal use during a period of five (5) years from the date of initial placement, we will replace or repair them at no additional charge.

Resin filling. If our filling fracture with normal use during a period of two (2) years from the date of initial placement, we will replace or repair them at no additional charge.

Dental Implants and surgeries. If your body rejects the procedure during the period of two (2) years, it will be redone or repaired at no additional charge.

Root Canal Therapy. If the root canal fails during the period of two (2) years from the date of initial procedure, the amount paid for the treatment will be used as a deposit for new treatment and/ or for correction of the same.


  • All evaluations and procedures must be done by our medical staff Coral Dental Center.
  • Must present this document at the event of a claim.
  • Have enough time for the treatment to be corrected and/ or replaced.
  • Maintain your billing account and relationship in good standings at Coral Dental Center.
  • Any repairs and replacements will be done by Coral Dental Center, this warranty is void on work repaired by another office.
  • The treatment must be repaired and/or replaced, no cash refund.


This warranty does not cover damage to teeth or dental prosthesis caused by accidents, trauma, neglect or improper use (as grinding, clenching, chewing ice and/or non-food ítems). All procedures not listed on this document is not under warranty.



From Placement

Have you heard that teeth last longer when they are well aligned? That’s right, this is because your teeth will have a lower degree of wear and tear as there are no crashes between them, as orthodontics reduces the risk of bruxism, a condition that wears your teeth, which increases the risk of I break a tooth or you have jaw pain. Orthodontics helps you improve your self-esteem, and the aesthetics of your mouth will improve significantly.

An orthodontics performed before maturation of the jaw bone can save you the expense of many dental treatments in the future and what better way to take advantage of that money than enjoying a vacation in Playa del Carmen enjoying the benefits of the sea?

Conventional placement procedure:

  • Initial Assessment
  • X-ray Taking
  • Separator Placement
  • Placement of Bands
  • Bracket Cementation
  • Alignment – Leveling
  • Retraction
  • Consolidation
  • Ending
  • Retainers
Learn More About Orthodontics

Does orthodontics hurt?

The teeth may be sore and you may have some difficulty eating for a day or two after visits to the dentist. These discomforts gradually disappear and are less as treatment progresses. If you need it, you can take a mild pain reliever.

Do spacers hurt?

They may hurt something for a few days. If you need it, you can also take a pain reliever.

What happens if I don’t want to wear orthodontics and I don’t want my teeth to be aligned?

Don’t worry, you won’t starve because today there are soft foods that don’t require so much chewing. But brushing and cleaning a mouth with crowded teeth and a bad bite is much more difficult. This can lead to more problems such as swollen and bleeding gums and bad breath. It can also affect the way you talk, swallow and chew. In addition to the aesthetic problem.

What other advantages does well-aligned teeth have?

​The mouth will be easier to care for, it can improve phonetics and the teeth will last longer.

What is a retainer and why should I wear it?

A retainer is a removable device made of wire and acrylic that attaches to the teeth and adapts to the palate. It is put on after having orthodontics and having removed the fixed appliances. Despite the fact that the teeth are already in their final position, the surrounding bone may not be sufficiently consolidated. The retainer is responsible for maintaining the position of the teeth while the bone hardens.

How long can I wear orthodontics?

This depends on the degree of dental crowding. Normally the dentist will estimate the duration of the treatment before starting the treatment, but generally, treatment in a serious occlusion can take two to three years.

Why should I wear elastic?

Elastics help to mobilize certain teeth or groups of teeth to improve occlusion. You will take care of taking them off before meals and putting them back on later. If you need more elastic, your dentist will give you a few replacement and show you how they are put.

​Should I wear night braces?

This type of orthodontics is not always worn. If your case requires the use of nocturnal orthodontics, your collaboration with the dentist will be essential, and you should take it whenever you are told.

Can the position of my teeth be corrected only with a retainer or with removable orthodontics (not fixed)?

In some cases of minor bad positions, the use of a retainer or a removable device may be sufficient.

How long do you have to wear the retainer?

At the end of your orthodontic treatment it will be necessary to use a retainer. Generally it can be a year. This can only be told by your orthodontist.

How often should I visit my dentist to adjust them?

Normally adjustments are made every four weeks. The orthodontist will be in charge of telling you when to adjust the devices.

How often should I visit the dentist once my fixed braces have been removed?

At first, you should probably go once every four to six weeks, but as the treatment progresses it will only go every four to six months. In these visits the dentist checks the good condition of the retainer.

Should we follow any type of diet during the orthodontic period?

There is no strict “diet.” Your dentist will advise you not to eat certain foods that are very hard, sticky, gummy or too sweet. Eating this type of food may lead to a greater risk of breakage or loss of any device and, consequently, lengthen the treatment. Eating sweets and candies during this period also increases the risk of tooth decay.

Does fixed orthodontics cause tooth decay?

No, if you follow the instructions of your orthodontist.

Will I be one hour to brush my teeth?

No, it will take a little longer than now, especially at the beginning, when you have to learn how to clean your teeth and appliances.

​Will I have to get teeth or teeth?

In some cases the orthodontist is forced to extract a tooth or milk tooth. Also in some cases of extreme crowding you have to remove some permanent tooth so that others fit properly.

If any component of my brackets breaks, will I have to start the whole treatment again?

No, but if you notice that any bracket or band is loose or broken, you should notify your orthodontist as soon as possible.

Will they have to do the wisdom tooth extraction after orthodontic treatment?

After orthodontic treatment, there may be a lack of space for wisdom teeth. If your dentist considers that you do not have enough space, he will recommend the extraction.

Is orthodontic treatment expensive?

Doing orthodontic treatment now can avoid the need for other dental or medical treatments in the future, which saves money. In addition, the early correction of a bad occlusion involves physical and psychological benefits that will last a lifetime. So, although the cost may seem high in principle, its benefits will be evident throughout life.

If my orthodontics is not enough to solve my case, Will they have to operate on me?

Some bad occlusions are so extreme that treatment with fixed orthodontics alone is not enough. In these cases, the dentist or orthodontist resorts to the collaboration of the Maxillofacial Surgeon. Fortunately, these cases are very rare, but when they occur, the combined treatment of orthodontics and surgery offers excellent results.


The comfort and easy use of the Invisalign system have made it the choice of more than three million people. In fact, Invisalign has managed to make hundreds of thousands of people look a new and incredible smile.

Without wires or metal devices that irritate your mouth and, best of all, almost no one will notice that you are being treated. Invisalign®, the obvious alternative to fixed appliances, chosen by more than 3,000,000 people who want a beautiful smile.

The transparent alternative to fixed appliances.

Invisalign uses custom-made Aligners games that suit you. Virtually invisible aligners reposition their teeth so that you get a smile that you will be proud of.

  • Remove Aligners to eat, brush or floss your teeth

  • Change the Aligners every two weeks​

  • Your teeth will move slowly

  • Regular progress checks with your orthodontist

  • Visible results often between 6 months and 1 year

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    Our Team

    We are the most recognized Dental Specialties Clinic in the Riviera Maya for 16 years

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    Dental Tourism

    Treatment While On Vacation

    Can you imagine performing your Orthodontics Treatment  while vacationing in Paradise?

    We offer you dental care with the highest international standards, since we have the most advanced hygiene measures and technology that guarantee you professional and safe care. All this while you enjoy, know and vacation in the heart of the Riviera Maya.

    You will have at your disposal a lot of tourist attractions in the area. The offer of the Riviera Maya is very extensive, it has beaches of incomparable turquoise blue and fine sand, Archeological Sites such as Chichen Itza, Tulum and Xel-Ha, Cenotes, world-renowned Eco-tourist Tours, golf courses, you can Dive in one of the largest reefs in the world, eat at Typical Food Restaurants and International Haute Cuisine, or you can take a relaxing massage at a SPA.

    We are leaders in Dental Tourism care, since we have extensive experience in the area and both our support staff and the Doctors are bilingual, which gives more confidence to our patients who come from all over the world such as UK, Canada, United States and Europe mainly.


    Dental Cosmetics

    You don’t like your smile?

    We have for you: Resins / inlays, crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and much more.


    Do you need to move and correct the position of your teeth? The brackets are the solution to finally leave them in harmony with each other and perfectly aligned.


    Don’t lose that Tooth!

    We help you not to lose your teeth due to deep decay or other conditions.

    Pediatric Dentistry

    We create beautiful smiles!

    We have the best service for your little ones. Preventive and corrective visits, sealants, caries treatment and much more.


    The health of the gums is as important as that of the teeth!

    Poor gum care can lead to pathologies such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

    Radiological Cabinet

    We have Panoramic and Cephalometric X-ray Unit for taking radiographs


    How often should a dental cleaning be done?

    It is recommended to visit a dentist every 6 months, for a general review of the mouth.

    Why do gums bleed?

    Bleeding usually occurs due to poor dental cleaning, especially due to lack of gum massage, it can also be caused by inflammation caused by medication.

    Currently, what methods exist to restore the dienes?

    There are three methods:

    • Resins: when the cavities are minimal
    • Dental Inlays: for wider Cavities
    • Porcelain Crowns: When most of the tooth has been lost

    Is it true that if I am upset or nervous, anesthesia has no effect?

    No, anesthesia infiltrates a region of to numb that area of ​​your mouth, stress or nervousness does not influence at all.

    What problems entails losing a tooth?

    It causes instability in the mouth and can trigger problems such as:

    • Poor digestion
    • Movements in adjacent teeth
    • Separation of the teeth Lack of aesthetics or bad appearance
    • Bone tissue is lost

    What can i do to replace a lost tooth?

    There are two solutions, the most recommended currently are Dental Implants or Porcelain Bridges

    If I don't like my teeth, can I improve your appearance?

    Of course, today there are several very simple and fast methods that allow you to change the appearance of the teeth and give the patient a pleasant and aesthetic smile.

    Only teenagers or young adults can wear brackets?

    No, you can usually use braces at any age. Your dentist will perform a complete examination of your mouth and diagnose if there is any impediment to carry out the treatment.

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